5 Trim Colours that are not White

While browsing the Clare Paints website, we came across a fun article about trim colours that aren’t white (you can read the full article here). Since Clare paint are not available in Canada, we thought we would find alternatives to the colours in their article.

1. Black

Though it might sound scary, black can be a great colour to paint over a brown wooden staircase railing. Black window casings and doors are a great contrast to off-white walls, and can add drama to any room.

Colour suggestions: Benjamin Moore’s “Onyx”, Sherwin William’s “Black Magic”, Dulux Paints’ “Black”


2. Sage Green

Sage is all the rage — see what I did there? It’s soft, tranquil and more elegant than traditional greens.

Colour suggestions: Benjamin Moore’s “Carolina Gull”, Sherwin William’s “Svelte Sage”, Dulux Paints’ “Pale Sage”

3. Gray

Less dramatic than black, gray can trim paired with white walls can give the room sone interesting detail while keeping the overall feel bright and airy.

Colour suggestions: Benjamin Moore’s “Cement Gray”, Sherwin William’s “Repose Gray”, Dulux Paints’ “Tranquil Retreat”

4. Navy Blue

Navy blue trim can liven up old wooden trims. It adds colour while still being neutral enough not to pair with colourful textiles and decor, which makes it ideal for children’s bedrooms.

Colour suggestions: Benjamin Moore’s “Jet Blue”, Sherwin William’s “Naval”, Dulux Paints’ “Marine Waters”

5. Monochromatic Walls & Trim

This one is not a colour suggestion per say. Contrasting trim can cut the wall off and make the wall appear shorter. By painting the trim the same colour as the wall, it makes the wall appear longer and is great way to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.
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