How to Choose Paint Colours for Commercial Buildings as Vancouver Painting Contractors Would

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When it comes to business, you must put the spotlight on your customers. You want to make sure they’re pleased with what you have to offer. And that includes how your building looks. Which is why deciding for the colour of your exterior painting is a crucial matter that needs to be thoroughly planned. Vancouver painting contractors have their way of choosing colours.

If you’re having a problem choosing the right painting for your commercial business.

Here are 6 Easy Ways to Help You Choose the Ideal Paint Colour for Your Business

  • Observe the Exterior Painting of Commercial Buildings Surrounding You

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Before anything else, ask permission from your landlord, whether or not you’re allowed to paint the building’s exterior. There are instances where the landlord wants to keep his building’s exterior colour uniform and won’t allow you to make any changes. However, if he gives you the go signal, your first step should be to observe the buildings surrounding you.

Look around you, what are the common colours used by your neighboring businesses? What colour pallete do they commonly use? Are they using the classic white exterior and dark-coloured frames? Or are they using neutral colours? After taking your time to observe your neighbor, ask yourself. Am I going to blend in with them? Should I use the colours they’re using as well? If it’s beneficial for your commercial building, then why not?

However, if you want to stand out and be unique. Choosing a different path from the rest of the neighboring commercial buildings. Choose colours that are contrasting from the rest. This way your portion of the building will stand out as well as blend in with the rest.

  • Use Common Commercial Painting Colours

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It’s good for businesses to stand out, afterall, it’s what attracts your customer. However, you can use your exterior and interior painting to brand yourself. Use the common colours you’re using for your logo. This is an excellent way to create a branding.

McDonalds for example, they use red and different tones of yellow, and whenever you see the combination of the two, you remember McDonalds. Opposite from the usual advertising where you plaster your logo everywhere, the room’s painting colour is a subtle way to make people remember you.

In addition to that, using your logo’s brand colours, helps people to easily locate your commercial building.

  • Use Light Colours for Your Exteriors

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Light colours on your exteriors help people notice your business signage, plastered outside of your portion of the building. Plus, it will help people to find your business. I understand that you want to stand out and be noticed, however, it will not merit you or your business if you use bright colours. Although people will most likely notice your business, but it will not be remembered in a good way. And the next time they pass by your business, they won’t spare a glance nor even enter your business’ premise.

You should make your paint exterior to work for your business. It is afterall your business’ face that everyone can see. If it’s warding away your customers, you should consider changing the exterior paint colour.

  • Choose Colours that Create an Atmosphere

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Commercial Painter in Vancouver knows that colours affect people’s emotions. This is explains they recommend businesses to use colours that helps create an atmosphere that their clients  want their customers to experience. The colour green for example, is most-likely associated with tranquility, hence, it is commonly used for Spas and Teahouses. The colour also signifies growth and is also associated with money.

Several researches have been conducted that says colour can indeed affect our emotions. Which is why, in picking a paint colour for your commercial business, think of the kind of business that you have. Then think of the atmosphere you want your customers to have. Remember this, when it comes to business, your customer should be the main star.

Bonus Tip: If you want to use warm colours for your wall painting, you should pair it with either a neutral colour that matches well with your chosen warm colour. This is because using a warm colour can generate anger or violence—and you don’t want any of that in your commercial business.

  • Think of Your Target Customers

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It is important that you think of your target customer when picking a colour for your property. Your colour choices will be narrowed down, depending on who your target is. If your target customers are on the older generations, the choice of colour will be more towards the muted colours and shades. If your target is more on the younger generation, use bolder colours that will appeal to your young targets.

Vancouver painters know this fact too. Which is why if your commercial business calls for women, they recommend a more feminine colours. If you’re still having a hard time choosing a colour, you can ask for a Vancouver painting company’s help. Their knowledge about excellent colour combinations as well as in what type of business it’s commonly used.

  • Paints Should Be Appropriate for the Design and the Materials Used

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What is your building’s architectural design? Does it have that Victorian Style? Is it Modern? For buildings with modern design, you have a wide range of colour palettes to choose from.

In addition to that, you want to make sure your professional painter, knows what material your building is made of, so he or she can give you the appropriate paint colours for the material used for your building. Concrete walls require a different paint from the wooden ones. Maximise your the longevity of your interior or exterior paint by using the right materials for the appropriate materials.

You can never go wrong with asking for a painting contractor’s advise. They are after all, skilled and experienced in this matter.

Ask Your Commercial Painters for a Quote

After all the planning for your interiors painting, as well as its commercial painting. It’s time for you to contact a painter. Whether you’re hiring a Painting Company, painting contractions, or just someone you know, it is important that you ask for a painting estimate or painting quotes. This way, not only will you have an overview of the entire painting project, you’ll know as to whether or not the people you’re about to hire are know what they’re doing. Their behavior towards you will reflect on their finished job. So if they’re often late, try looking for other painters. Choose the ones who have been on the painting industry. The more experienced a painter is, the more closer to accurate their painting estimation is.

Final Thoughts

Picking a colour for your commercial painting involves a lot of planning. Your customers play a huge part in your choice of colour. However, if you’re not hiring painting professionals, no matter how excellent your colour choice is—if the painters are not skilled and experienced, your business may still not be able to attract customers. So make sure you choose the appropriate colour for your business as well as contact painters who can give you a high-quality painting finish.