Ideal Paint Colours for Condominiums You Should Tell Your Vancouver Painting Contractors About

an image banner says "ideal paint colours" and a painting brush with a color red handle

Buying your condominium is an achievement that calls for a celebration. It means you finally have a place you can call your own. And because condos are pre-made, yours is most likely identical to the ones beside yours or the ones who are floors above your or below you. Wouldn’t it be better,  if your condo shows who you are as a person? Yes, Professional Vancouver Painting Contractors may know the perfect combination of colours. However, they have no idea who you are as a person.

Words are not the only thing that can define you. Colours define who you are, bold colours are more befitting for confident and bold people. But picking colours for your condo unit is not an easy task, moreover, selecting a colour that defines who you truly are.

Here are 6 Colours You Should Colors You Should Paint Your Condo Units:

Colours that Give Warm and Cheerful Vibe

  • Yellow-Green

an image of a room with a color of yellow green and a wooden chair and a table inside

Most condominiums cover their walls and ceilings white. And while white is good because it makes your unit look neat and clean. It would be better if you’d paint it with something warm and cheerful such as yellow-green.

You might want to ask, why Yellow Green? Why not go straight with Yellow or plain Green?

Let me explain. Numerous researches have been conducted, and most of it says that colours can indeed affect our mood. Yellow, for instance, is a cheery and warm colour. Yellow can help us boost our energy and keep us awake. Plus, its useful for capturing attention because it is a bright colour. However, too much yellow is not advisable. With the amount of light it reflects, it may give you eye strain.

Which is why Green is added to the mixture. Green is another colour (aside from blue) that is associated with peace and tranquillity. It has a calming effect on people, which helps calm the ball of energy that’s yellow. With the two colours combined, it will fill your room with a cheerful and at the same time calming vibe.

A yellow-green wall painting or room painting is ideal for your condominium’s living room. Why? Think of your visitors, the first room they’re going to see is your living room. Because the colour is eye-catching, it will give your visitors a good impression.

Bonus Tip: Match it with the Yellow, Green, Brown, Baby Blue, Orange or Beige coloured objects and furniture for a homey and comfortable vibe.

  • Orange

an image of a room with a color of orange and a wooden chair and a table inside

Another colour that can spice up your space in Vancouver is Orange. It is the combination of red and yellow makes the colour radiate with happiness and excitement. And just like yellow, it draws people’s attention. In addition to that, the colour orange helps stimulate your hunger. Think of it as a colour that makes you think of celebration.

So, if you’re one for parties and celebrations, Orange and Yellow are the ideal interior paint colours for you. It is the perfect colour choice for your dining room painting, as it helps create a mood for you and your family so you can bond with them.

Bonus Tip: Match the colour with Black, White, Beige, Brown, Red, Yellow, and Green coloured objects and furniture to add warmth to the room.

  • Light Purple

an image of a room with a color of light purple and a wooden chair and a table inside

Purple is a colour that is warm but not too warm, and cool, but not too cool? If the first two colours that we talked about are screaming bright, sunny and outright cheerful. Purple’s not that type of colour. However, it still gives off that warm feeling whenever you’re surrounded with it. This is because it is both the combination of Red, an energetic colour, and Blue, a relaxing colour.

Painting your rooms purple will make the room warm and very welcoming. In addition to that, purple stimulates creativity. Which is why it is ideal for your Living Room, Study/Work/Art Room, and Kitchen. Because for most of the parts, it is where the creative works are being done.

Bonus Tip: Match it with White, Black, Brown, Orange, Gold, and Pink items to give it your room a relaxing feel around it.

Colours to Make Your Room Feel Relaxing and Comfortable

  • Light Blue

an image of a room with a color of light blue and a wooden chair and a table inside

It is no wonder that the colour blue can give you that relaxing and comfortable feeling. Giving you that cool feeling whenever you look at it. Opposite with Yellow and Orange, the colour blue is cool for the eyes. Just like the colour Green, blue is commonly used to help create a calm, relaxed, and tranquil mood.

So, if you’re planning to have a condo or house painting, make sure you colour your Bedroom and Bathroom walls Blue, as it helps you reduce stress. Especially if you’ve had that kind of the day.

And because most bathroom gives off that cramped and small feeling, painting it blue will help create a bigger room space for your bathroom. Which is why if your room looks narrow and small, maybe it’s time for you to repaint it blue.

Bonus Tip: Match your wall with White, Black, Blue, Purple, Orange, Brown and Beige-colored items to achieve that relaxing and calm vibe.

  • Gray

This colour exudes that peaceful and tranquil feels because it is not too bright nor too dark. It helps give you that cool feeling whenever you’re surrounded with it. Creating a very relaxing mood that can help you release stress. Which is why it is ideal that your paint job for your bedroom should be mainly gray. As it helps calm your mind and senses.

Because it one of the Neural colours, it has that stabilizing effect on people. And just like Blue, it is not attention grabbing. Of course, you don’t want your bedroom to be attention grabbing or else you’ll be enjoying the view, rather than to relaxing and sleeping.

Bonus Tip: Gray is a neutral colour, which means it matches well even with Bold Colours such as Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Gray, White, and Black.

  • Light Green

Green is a colour that has always been associated with nature, along with brown and white. It exudes that peaceful, relaxing, and tranquil feeling. Not only that, but Green also has that refreshing feels into it. Although the colour does not put you to sleep, it cannot wake you up either. And because it is associated with nature, Green is the ideal colour that can help connect your room to the view outside.

Which is why painting a room near your condo’s terrace, green is ideal. It is a colour that prepares your eyes for the magnificent view of Vancouver. So if you’re planning on hiring condo or house painting services, tell them you want your room near the large windows or terrace, painted green.

Painting your place by yourself (or with some friends might sound all fun and exciting, especially because it’s for your own place. However, if you do not have enough experience in painting, the job may be too much for you.

Hiring a Painting Company, or a Residential Painter may be a wiser choice when it comes to these things. They’re fast, efficient, and experienced. And most especially, they know their way to achieve that smooth and elegant painting job finish that you want for your condo.

Bonus Tip: Combine the colour green with colours that are associated with nature such as Green, Brown, Beige, Black, Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Blue and Purple.

Final Thoughts

Asking for colour suggestions from your hired painting contractors is good because they know which colours look good together. However, your condo unit is a reflection of who you are. Which is why if you wish to hire a painter, make sure you know which colours you should use in each of your rooms.