4 Colours Vancouver Painting Contractors Commonly Use for Houses with Wood Paneling

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Nowadays, houses with wooden panelling are not as trendy as it is back in the 60’s and the 70’s. Millennials today often prefer homes that have either cool or warm vibes around it while being light at the same time. A complete opposite of home with wood panels. Painting Contractors from Vancouver pointed out that the common problems with wooden panels are:

1) It looks heavy

2) It makes the room look dark

3) It makes the room look smaller than it actually is

This makes it less desirable in the eyes of the most people today. The problem with wood panels, however, can be fixed using the power of colour. Colours are not only used for beautifying the things around you. This is why painting your home with wood panel helps a lot in making your room look brighter and larger. It can also give your room a fresh vibe around it. The right utilization of colours can create an illusion, making your room bigger than it is.

Here are the colours you should use in painting homes with wooden panelling (from Vancouver Painting Contractors)

Neutral Gray

an image of a room with a color gray wall and a white blank frame on the wall and a wooden small table cabinet and a easels beside the cabinet

The colour gray may look dull, dry and sometimes dark, yet ironic as it is, the colour makes your home with panelling brighter. Your choice of the tone of gray you’re about to use plays a huge part. Mainly because you have a wood panelling, your room will most likely look darker than it actually is.

I recommend that you choose the lighter shades of gray, as it utilizes the natural light coming into your room by reflecting it. Not only that, the lighter shades of gray can help create an illusion of a bigger larger space. With colour gray, you can choose as to which vibe you want. The traditional gray has a tinge of blue which gives off a relaxed vibe when surrounded by the colour. So if you want your room interior paint to have that cool vibes around it, try painting it with traditional gray.

However if you’re like me, who wants a room with warm and cozy vibes, try painting your wood panelling greige, a mix of the colour gray and beige. This colour is much lighter than the traditional gray. Plus because it’s much brighter than the conventional colour, it is more effective for small spaces and wood panels. Even local painters from Vancouver recommend this colour, for those who are undecided with what colour they’re going to use for their small rooms.

Aqua Blue

an image of a room with a color aqua wall and a white blank frame on the wall and a wooden small table cabinet and a easels beside the cabinet

This shade of blue reminds us of the blue sea, and it has the same calming effect too. Aqua is the brighter hue of the blue which is effective for reflecting natural lights that enter your room. This colour, however, works better when the doors and trims are painted white. White is a light colour. It means the shade prevents the room closing in visually, thus giving making the room look larger and brighter.

As to make your room visually attractive, you can pair it with white and black coloured furniture. The white colour helps brighten your room while the black colour gives your room depth and contrast.

However, if you’re think painting your room aqua blue is still not enough to make your room more prominent and brighter, put windows. The windows allow the natural light to pass through, thus making the room brighter. It would be better to call for professionals if you want to have some carpentry and renovation done. Local painting contractors and painting company do not only offer painting services in Vancouver, but they also accept projects that involve carpentry and room renovation.

When putting windows, don’t forget to paint the window frames white, to keep your room visually open.

Soft Pink

an image of a room with a color of soft pink wall and a white blank frame on the wall and a wooden small table cabinet and a easels beside the cabinet

You may be surprised why a bold colour such as pink, is included in our list of paint colours that make your room look bigger and brighter. Like other colours, pink has light and dark tones. Dark tones, do not help room with wood panelling to look bigger. However, the light hue works like magic. This colour is more often used with wood panelling walls more than often than you think of. Commonly, it is paired with white, and just like the previous colour discussed, white helps your room to be visually open. Unlike the previous shades addressed in this post. Where you paint the whole room in the same colour so it will look bigger. Consider pink different.

It contradicts the idea of painting your entire room in the same colour to fool the eye into thinking the place is a large because of the uniform colour. Pink is a colour that needs to be paired with another light colours, most especially, white. With the two colours combined, your wooden panelled room will no longer look dark. In fact, it would look bright, just like the usual non-wooden panelled rooms.

Verdant Green

an image of a room with a color of green wall and a white blank frame on the wall and a wooden small table cabinet and a easels beside the cabinet

Green is a colour professional painters often recommends. This colour is often associated with nature. Which is why the shade is naturally calming and airy. However, today, your goal is not to give your room a tranquil and quiet vibe around it. Most of the time, we use green that’s nowhere near its lighter tone. And when it comes to choosing colours to make rooms look bright and visually larger.

The same with the colour pink lighter tones of green can make your room look larger. But unlike pink, the green can stand alone. So even if you paint your entire wooden panelled room green, it can still look visually pleasing. However, if you want to add colours to give it depth, use the colour white for the door and its frame. Do this for the mouldings and the window frame as well.

However, if you choose not to paint the entire room green, you can also use it as an accent. And to maximize its use of brightening your room up, paint it on the wood panelling opposite your windows, as the colour excellent for reflecting colours. The colour green can also help give your room a visual transition from the view of your room to the view outside.

Final Thoughts

Wooden panelled homes can be just as light and as large as the houses with modern designs. Giving your painting and renovation from professional painters can transform your room from the dark, gloomy, and cramped-looking room into a light, warm, and airy room. You can choose to do the work by yourself, however, contacting a painting company in Vancouver will guarantee a top quality painting finish.