6 Colours Vancouver Painting Contractors Should Use to Sell Houses Faster

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When it comes to selling houses, people can be picky. Of course, your potential buyers are investing their money to buy a house, and they want to make sure, their newly bought house looks nice. Which is why you should have a house renovation before selling. Make sure they look well and presentable before your buyer’s eyes. Which is why it is important that painting contractors from Vancouver know what colours attract buyers. You want to make sure residential painting in Vancouver may not be easy, because the city houses a lot of professional painters.

However, there’s a bit of challenge in this. You don’t know what colours your buyer wants. Fortunately, the neutrals are here to help. The neutrals are colours that can match well with any other colours, be it light or bold ones.

But first, why do you need to repaint your house? You’re going to sell it so why bother repainting?

Well, pepainting increases the selling value. It is no secret that doing house improvements increases the value of your house. Although the increase is not that great, some of the homeowners who plan on selling their house, still renovate their property to have that small raise. But why settle on the small amount of improvement in the value when there’s another way of increasing the value. And that it through a paint job.

Why? The first thing you see a house is its exterior paint colour. And if the exterior paint looks bland and dry or if the paint exterior looks too bright, chances are, the realtor may not give you the value you’re hoping for. And the same goes to every part of the house.

The right combination of colours in each of your room, increases the value of your room for a few thousands. According to a research conducted by Zillow, colours do have an effect when it comes to selling houses compared to having it plain white.

So, what painting colours are idea for selling houses?

For the Exterior Paint:

  • Greige

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This colour is listed by Zillow to be outselling every other colours when it comes to exterior house paint. Greige a neutral colour that’s a mix between beige and gray. Giving your home a modern-classic vibe. A greige exterior paired with white, black, or brown windows and doors can add highlights to your home’s overall look.

And because it is a neutral color, it can be matched with any furnitures your prospect buyer decides to add to the house. This colour is an upgrade to the classical white-walled house exteriors.

Although white is a also a popular color because it can be paired up any existing colours there is, plus it is also neat. The colour itself is not *that eye catching and can often be looked over by your prospect buyers.

  • Navy Blue for Your Front Door

an image inside the house with a two navy blue colored doors

You want your house to make an impression to your potential buyer. You need them to find your house likeable, and one of doing it is through making an impression. Navy Blue is a timeless colour that go well with any other colours. It is a bold colour can easily be noticed by your buyer. And although it is a bold colour, it is also a peaceful colour.

Aside from the wall exterior, the other thing that your buyer notices, is the front door. If you’re worried that it might not look great with a Greige coloured-exterior, don’t worry. As I have mentioned earlier, Greige is a neutral colour and thus can match well with other colours, and that includes navy blue.

For the Interior Paint:

  • Warm Browns for the Living Room

An image inside a large house with a color of warm brown and a color black sofas with a pillow

White living rooms are never bad. Not only does it compliment with other colours, it also makes your room look neat and clean. Which is why most people who sell their houses makes sure their wall painting is of colour white. However warm browns and neutrals are great charmers, when it comes to selling houses. The colour creates a warm mood for your visitors—and that includes your potential buyers.

And because warm browns are close relatives with the neutral colours, it can also be matched with your potential buyer’s furniture. Painters in Vancouver, also know this fact, which is why, most of them recommends you to use this colour as the ideal colour for living rooms, rather than the white ones.

  • Cool Gray-Blue Hues for Your Kitchen Painting

an image of a kitchen with a color of gray blue with color yellow fridge

Kitchen is where all heat and cooking actions happen. Which is why you should use a cool colour for your kitchen. A gray ceiling paint and wall paint can match well with your buyer’s ideal kitchen. Why?

Gray is also a neutral colour, and that means it can pair up with any other colour your buyer has for his or her kitchen. And although Gray does not stand out, it’s one of those colours that can help give bring focus to those objects that are contrasting with it. Be it a blaring red vase, or a lime green kitchen utensils.

In addition to that, gray is a colour commonly used for those who aim to have a modern vibe for their house interiors.

  • Cerulean or Cadet Blue for Your Bedroom

an image inside a room with a color of cadet blue and a small white table with a lamp and a color white bedroom

Not many know of this but Blue is a neutral colour, and can match well with any furniture your buyer has. If any of you are wondering, what a Cerulean is, or a Cadet Blue is. It is a colour in the middle of sky blue, and azure. And because blue is a calming colour and can help create a serene mood when surrounded, this makes it ideal for your bedroom. According to psychology, blue helps calm people.

In addition to that, having a room painting that’s blue, gives people a soothing feeling. Because not only is it attractive to the eye, it also gives that calm and tranquil vibe to your potential buyer.. This colour also can help people relax.

  • Pale Blue for the Bathroom

an image inside the bathroom with a color of pale blue

Pale blue is a refreshing colour. Which makes it a perfect fit for your bathroom walls. As I have said earlier, Blue us a neutral colour and can match with any accessories your buyer has. And just like white, it helps the bathroom look refreshingly neat. Because the colour itself helps people feel tranquil. And for that reason, it helps the people feel more refreshing

Final Thoughts

Simple things such as colours, brings a huge impact when it comes to giving value to your home. It helps your house to look neat and clean, as well as desirable for your prospect buyers. So make sure you hire contractors and painting companies that give you top-quality painting finish, you dream to have, for your houses.