Call a Vancouver Painting Contractor Immediately If You See These 6 Signs

an image of a red house uphill and a grass outside

Your property is an investment and protecting it is essential. Imagine your investment looking old, pale and rundown, with huge patches or peeling painting all over it. What a waste of investment money right? Prevent this from happening into your home, and call a Vancouver Painting Contractor as soon as possible, if you see these 6 signs.

  • The Paint on Your Wall is Cracking and Flaking

an image of a wall painted in color green cracking and flaking

Paint Peeling, Cracking and Flaking are common to old plaster ceilings as well as drywalls. These cracks and peelings starts to surface on your walls and ceilings for several reasons.

  • Water got through the paint
  • Improper surface preparation before the wall and ceiling was painted
  • Type of painting used is not compatible with the material used with for the walls
  • Incorrect primer or paint used
  • Temperature is too high
  • Paint used is expired
  • Coat is too old and needs replacements

Anyhow, these happens when the adhesion between the wall and the paint is lost. This is common with wooden walls, decks, sidings, trims and even with window frames. If a problem such as this surfaces in your residential house painting, or commercial building’s painting, you may want to call for a painting contractor. Why?

Because 1) Peelings make your property look old and unattractive. 2) Your walls and ceilings will be vulnerable to the outside forces. Which means that your wall interior and exterior might get damaged.

  • Caulks are Hardened

an image at the edge of a window cracking

Caulks are applied around your house, or your building to give extra protection to your home and building from the outside forces such as rains, hot summer days, as well as extremely cold autumn and winters. How does it protect your home? Caulks are designed to contract and expand, depending on the current weather, so the small gaps around your house and walls do not get infiltrated.

Caulks are usually applied after the primer is painted. This is to fill the cracks and gaps around your house. It protects your home, as well as makes the completed look on the painting job look smooth and thorough.

How I know whether my caulks needs a replacement?

The process is simple. All you need to do is press the caulk down. If it’s already hard and resists the force you’re exerting, its time for you to call for professionals in this field.

  • The Paint is Already Fading

an image of a wall which the paint is fading

There are 2 common reasons why your house painting is fading. First is the Sun’s heat. This a common occurence to home exterior painting because if the sun’s heat throughout the day. Paints with a dark hues tend to fade faster the those shades that are pale.

Second, is when there’s a leak in your house. If you’re seeing awkward pale dripping lines along your wall painting and ceiling paintings. Check the gaps around the part where the pale colours appear. Water may have got through your walls.

This happens frequently when the material used for painting are water-soluble materials. And in connection to the Caulk, if it’s thoroughly done, or have already hardened, it won’t be able to do its job properly. it is important that you take action and call for a painting company or a painting contractor to have the problem checked.

Local painters from Vancouver knows how to deal with this because they live in the place, and knows the weather cycle of the City.

  • The Stucco is Patching

an image of a wall painted in color yellow is fading

Stuccos are commonly used for exterior painting, be it residential or commercial buildings. Stuccos can last long, especially if the siding are done well, however, if you’re seeing mismatched colour patches here are there. This mismatched colour may be caused by again—water. Because not only can it attract molds to form around your walls with stuccos.

Having to redo the whole stuccoing will cost your quite a lot of time and money. Which is why, it is better to spot these imperfections as soon as possible, and call for professional painters right away.

  • The Colour Changed

an image of a wall painted in color pink is fading

Aside from the paint colour fading, another thing that you need to look out for is the colour changes. This changing of colour is caused by the Ultraviolet Rays (UV Rays). These rays, have the ability to break chemical bonds that make up your paint.

Wall exteriors are most vulnerable to these colour changes. Of course, wall exteriors are exposed out in the heat all the time. This is explains why there exists instances where beige coloured wall exteriors is changes into a faded pink colour. Low-grade paints are most likely to change colour.

While it doesn’t affect any other things aside from its colour changes. These colour changes may not be in our advantage and may cause to give our building, or home painting an undesired and unmatched colour.

Bonus Tip: New Houses Needs Repainting Too

If you just bought your home, and the paint is looking fresh and great, you should still need to call for a local painter. Why? Most of the time, they only give your house a thin coat, which is not enough for protect your home and may start to crack, flake, or have air bubbles.  Prevent the damages that may occur by giving your home a proper interior and exterior coats that lasts for years.

This way your home will be protected from any possible damage from external forces. You wouldn’t want your newly built home to be damaged easily. You want it to stand for ages and ages to come. And although it may sound pretty unbelievable but with proper care, your home could last for the years to come. You just have to make sure you take the proper measures mentioned above to ensure your home’s life.

Final Thoughts:

Repainting your home can help protect what’s beneath it and can even extend your home’s life. It’s always better to think in advance. Don’t wait for peeling, cracks, bubbles, faded colours, and patching to happen because prevention is always better than cure. Check your home and give it the proper care and repair it needs.