Ideal Exterior Colours for Houses with Dark Roofing Your Vancouver Painting Contractors Should Use

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Your house’s overall look on the outside talks a lot about you. If your house’s roof does not match with your exterior, you’ll most likely get judging looks from your neighbours. This is why in choosing your exterior house painting colour, you want to make sure your roof and wall colour are complementary. Before you decide on calling Vancouver Painting Contractors to paint your house, Stop. You need to find out first which colour matches well with which.

Aside from your house exterior paint, your roof is the thing that stands out next to your exterior. It serves as an accessory that can give your home that sophisticated look, homey look, modern look, or whichever look you’re aiming to achieve. This also means that if your roofing colour isn’t matched with the colour of your exterior painting, your house will stand out. Not because it is attractive, but because it looks horrid.

So, whether you’re building a house in Vancouver BC, and you’re considering having a dark-coloured roof. Or thinking of repainting your home’s exterior. It is vital that you that your new house painting matches well with your roofing.

What colours should I use, to paint home with dark roofing?

If your house has a dark-roofing, and you don’t know which colour to pick for your exterior. You’re in luck. We have compiled all colours that match well with dark-coloured roofing.

Paint Exteriors for Black and Gray-Coloured Roofs

Let’s start off with the basics, the black and the grays. This colour has been around for ages, and most of the time, it is paired up with a white exterior. This classic look never goes wrong for one reason alone. White can be paired with any colours. However, if you want to stray away from the typical black/gray roof and white wall combination. Here are the colours that go well with Black and Gray-Coloured Roofs:

  • Brick-coloured Hues

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You can never go wrong with the classics, which is right for this colour combination. Brick-coloured Wall Exteriors became a thing way back in the 1900’s. It was their go-to solution for their older houses. Brick-coloured hues range from bright red to burgundy as well as different shades of orange. If you think bold colours such as red and orange don’t match with grays and blacks. That’s where you’re wrong. Because although brick-coloured hues make your home look bright, the gray or black-coloured roofing can still help give your house a fresh look because these are cool colours.

  • Yellow

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Another classic and traditional colour combination that works well with all types of houses is the Gray roof and yellow walls, or Black roof paired with yellow walls. Yellow is an attractive colour that can help give your home that warm and homey vibe around it. The yellow colour painting outside of your house can also match well with any furniture you have in your front yard.

An eye-catching colour such as yellow can be given more highlight if paired with a black, brown, or white coloured window frames, door frames, and even mouldings. These colours are not attention-grabbing, which means your yellow walls will still be the star of your home exterior.

  • Gray

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Does a gray-roof and gray wall make sense? Of course, it does! Gray is a neutral colour, which means it can be paired with any colour. And pairing it with black or gray roofs will give it a monochromatic scheme. Giving your house that modern-home overall vibe in it.

However, if you plan on pairing with your gray-coloured roof, make your Gray-coloured wall painting is shades lighter or darker with your roof. Or your house will look dry if both shades are light gray, or too heavy of you’re using both dark grays. Try to balance the colour out, if your roof is light gray, I recommend you go for a dark coloured wall painting. Maybe give it white accents along the frames of your windows or your doors. And if your roof is dark-gray or is black, use a shade of gray that are shades lighter than your roof.

  • Olive Green

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Olive Green is an excellent shade for your Gray and Black-coloured roofs. It gives your house an overall soothing vibe. Both colours look tranquil and are both cool to look at. And because Olive Green has a shade of gray, you want to make sure your gray-roofing does not have a similar tone. Or else it will look bland and dry. You want to make sure one of the colours your painting contractor is using, gives your house a good contrast. To make sure none of the colours that are being used are overpowering one another. Make sure the colours you’re using are friends with other.

  • Blue

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Blue is a neutral colour, not too bright, nor too dim. It gives a good contrast for your dark-coloured roof, be it black or gray. You want to make sure, the blue that your contractor is using for your exterior home painting is has a lighter tone. This way, your roof will work as an accessory for your exterior.

However, if you want a darker tone of blue for walls, make sure you put a good contrast of white in its mouldings, window and door frames. This way, the colours you use for your house’s overall look will work together, and not overpowering with each other.

Painting Exteriors for Brown-coloured Roofs

Although not as famous as the gray/black roofing, brown is also used by many for their houses. Mostly, this colour is paired with the yellow as the colour is attractive and compliments well with the brown. But are there more colours that work well with the brown other than yellow? Of course, there are. Check these colours out:

  • Neutrals

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Painting contractors, professional painters and painting companies from Vancouver can all agree to this. Neutrals can work well with any colours. All you need to do is to play with the tones and shades, and voila, your home will have that cozy overall vibes around it.

Neutral colours include beige, black, gray, blue match well with brown coloured roofs.

  • Crisp White

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As I have stated earlier, white never goes wrong because it compliments every other colour that is matched with it. As opposed to what we have discussed previously where the roof is the accessory for the wall exterior, this time the walls are our accessory. This time, your roof is the main star. With white walls, it the attention goes to your roof. However, if you don’t want people’s attention to your roof but still want the white walls. You can paint mouldings and frames with any colour you like. Be it bright, bold colours, neutrals, or cool colours.

Final Thoughts

Your house’s overall look has an impact on the people looking at it. A simple tweak and combination of colours can transform your home from the standard look into something beautiful. So make sure to choose contrasting colours. You should also ensure you select residential painters that are experienced and have worked in the industry for a long time to make sure your house looks at its best.