Stress Relieving Paint Colours Used Commonly by Vancouver Painting Contractors

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Home is where you release all the stress you accumulate from work. So, by the time you arrive home from work, all you want to do is to de-stress. Whatever you choose to do to de-stress is up to you. Colours can help relieve stress too! Being surrounded by certain colours help create a mood and an ambiance around you. Which is why Vancouver painting contractors often recommend certain colours, for a certain ambiance you want to feel for each room.

Can Paint Colours Really Your Affect Mood?

Prominent names in Psychology such as Carl Jung conducted a research about the colours and its effects on people’s mood. He found out that each colour has a specific meaning and each has a different impact on people. Some tones can cause people to be aggressive while other colours can help people calm people down when surrounded by it.

This is why it is essential for you to choose your paint colour carefully as it has an effect on your mood.

Which paint colours do help relieve stress?

  • Soft Blue

an image inside a room with a color of soft blue and a white door

Whenever you feel stressed, you frequently look up to the blue sky or head to a beach to calm yourself down. Anyhow, you unconsciously surround yourself with the colour blue. It usually is the counterpart of the bold colour that’s red. And because it helps reduce tensions as well as soothes us down, professional painters from Vancouver always recommend this colour for bedrooms (especially kids’ bedroom) as well as bathrooms. Being surrounded by the colour, stimulates your brain to go to sleep.

You want to make sure the blue that you choose are light, soft with neutral tones. Neutral shades of blue can match with any colours. You don’t have to worry as to whether or not your furniture will match with your room painting.

  • Soothing Violet

an image inside a room with a color of soothing violet and a white door

People often get confused with Violet and Purple. Let me help you with that. We all know both colours are a mixture of blue and red. However, the colour Purple is a warm colour because it’s closer to the colour red, while Violet is a cooler colour because it’s closer to the colour Blue.

Because Violet gets its colour from Blue, the tone gives us that peaceful and relaxing feeling. Which is why aside from Blue, painting contractors recommend this colour for bathrooms. Violet calms your busy mind down and actually, helps you feel inner peace and balance.

You just have to make sure you don’t add too much black, and gray to the mixture or else your room will feel colder than it actually is. Which is why you should aim for the lilacs or the light violet.

  • Feminine Pink

an image inside a room with a color of pink and a white door

You may be wondering why pink is included in the list. It’s such a bright and warm colour, why would it help relieve stress? Because pink has different shades and tones that are commonly associated with fancy girls and bright lights. The calm variation of pinks such as Pastel Pink and Baby Pink is often overlooked.

And although Pink stems out from the bright colour that is purple, because the shade is light and soft, it helps calm people down. Feng Shui even believes that Pink can help soothe energy in the room. Pink is associated with femininity which is why most interior wall painting for a baby girl’s bedroom are coloured pink. The good thing about this colour is that it is appropriate for any rooms in your house.

Bonus Tip: Baby pink and pastel pink can be matched with white and pastel-coloured objects and furniture.

  • Tranquil Green

an image inside a room with a color of tranquil green and a white door

People associate green with nature. The colour just seems so peaceful and comforting, and when surrounded by the tone, you feel at ease. Remember earlier when I said people go to the beach or look up at the sky when they feel upset, and they want to calm down? You see, since green is everywhere, be it at the park or on your neighbour’s lawn, you see green. And most especially when you take a walk and want to have a breath of fresh air. You are surrounded by green.

Green pretty much matches any room from your house, but most painters from Vancouver encourage you to paint the room green if it has access to the veranda, a large window or whichever room that has access to the beautiful view outside of your home.

The colour is also associated with spas and tea houses because it helps create a peaceful and tranquil mood.

  • Cool Gray

an image inside a room with a color of cool gray and a white door

While most people associate gray with dark cloud’s, which is about to pour heavy rain down. Some might even think of it as a dull and depressing colour. Gray is, in fact, a neutral colour which can help cool your mind down. Gray, like green, can be applied to any room interior. It even looks suitable for your exterior painting, especially if you have dark roofing. And because Gray is a neutral colour, you don’t have to worry about looking for appropriate colours that contrast with the tone. It can match well with any colour of furniture.

  • Cream White

an image inside a room with a color of cream white and a white door

This is an exciting pick because people associate the colour with hospitals and clinics which is very far from the word relaxing. A cream white is a shade darker than the pure bright hue of white. It is white with a tinge of beige. The colour is not too bright but is also not too dull.

Painting your home cream white helps clear your mind as the colour is associated with purity. The colour, like gray, matches well with any room in your house. However, just make sure, you pick the warm hues of white rather than the bright ones.

  • Warm Yellow

an image inside a room with a color of warm yellow and a white door

Whenever you read the word Yellow, you think of the bright and happy yellow. Yellow is a colour that makes keeps your mind awake and active. The colour is known to help people boost their energy, so why is it considered a stress reliever? Just like the colour Pink, yellow has been branded as an energy booster that the paler, lighter and softer version of yellow is overshadowed by it. These lighter variations of yellow make people feel warm and cozy. Being surrounded by the colour gives you that soft and warm feeling. Which is why when asked for a good recommendation for a bedroom colour, light yellow also gets recommended by professional painters.

Final Thoughts

Little tweaks you do with your house’s paint colours can do so much help, especially if you want to relax and relieve stress. However, these colours can only do so little if not painted on your wall that well. You want to make sure that the painting company that your hired are packed with experience when it comes to residential painting, to ensure high-quality results.