Tips in Creating Colour Combinations for Your Home Interior

white coloured recliner with metal frames and a black coloured coffee table on the left side with a black vase and a newspaper on top of it and a large potted plant with white coloured pot on the right and two black coloured hanging lights in a white walled brick room with wooden floors with a text that says tips in creating colour combinations for your home interiors

You may be wondering, how do people from magazines create such beautiful and expensive looking home interior? How can I make my house look like that when I don’t have that much budget? These questions are actually the reason why your home cannot look like those from the magazines and Pinterest. According to experienced Vancouver painting contractors who have worked with several houses, the layout of the furniture and the right choice of wall colours makes the room look expensive.

How to choose the appropriate colour combination for your home interior?

Highlight Your Walls with White

white-walled room with a large green L-shaped couch at the center with white furry square rug in front; a green tall plant; black ivory lamp on the right; brown shelf with folder racks on the left with a black chair and white table at the back of the couch;

You may be thinking that adding whites to your already coloured walls will make your interior painting look ordinary and average. Or your room will lose its personality. White is a neutral colour, thus neutralizes whatever colours you pair it with, without taking the spotlight from the shade you have paired it with. It gives depth to the existing colours on your room, especially those bold and vibrant colours. It matches well with light and soft tones too.

Think of the colour as a booster for the other colour you chose.

Have A Feature Wall or Accent Wall

room with white walls and seven frames of different sizes on top of the gray walls with a brown colored L shaped couch; a large white vase on the side with medium-sized bamboo sticks and a large gray furry rug;

If your walls are full-on white from the ceiling to the walls, putting an accent wall will be good for you. It works as a focal point for the people entering the room. You may colour your accent wall blood red, jet black, blood orange, or even use patterns.

White walls with a feature wall create an illusion of a bigger and brighter room. Especially if your chosen shade for the feature wall is bright and vibrant. As stated from the previous point, white walls can be combined with all existing colours. However, local painting contractors advice that vibrant colours as an accent wall, as it helps make your room look brighter.

Create Your Stage

a white room with 3 gray couches and yellow throw-pillows on top of the couch with 2 white standing lamp on both sides of the room and a brown square pot with a tall plant on the side; a gray patterned accent wall in front with a white flat screen television with home theater audio set on top of the accent wall and a large white wall painting of a woman's silhouette on the side;

If your room has large furniture or a huge painting. Going for deep colours for your walls is safe. Deep colours such as Navy Blue and Maroon enhances any objects in front of it. Large object and furniture should be your room’s focal point. This technique, however, is more useful for houses and rooms with an ample living space.

Paint Your Trims

a white room with pink trims and black netted accent walls with 2 large black and pink coloured painting of a woman with one L shaped pink couch and one pink loveseat with 2 coffee tables in front of the pink couch and an electronic fireplace in front and three pink framed wall decoration of various sizes; two wall-mounted lamps and 2 tall grasses outside the windows

If your wall trims and paints are of the same colour as your interior and exterior painting, painting your trims can eliminate the monotony in your room. If your wall or ceiling is light coloured, painting your trims deep and dark colour can help create contrast on your walls. And if your room has either vibrant colour or deep colour, painting the trims white will give it a drama vibe.

Local painters even recommend you to paint mouldings and trims to add contrast to your room.

Pick the Colours from the Dominant Patterns in the Room

room with dark gray colored walls; brown wooden floors with a large white square rug designed with black lines; a black round coffee table designed with lines on top of the rug and a table top round potted plant on top of the table; with a large dark-gray coloured couch and a black shelf accented with white coloured mini shelves; with wine glasses and wine bottle on the mini shelves and a large white painting; designed with black lines and two vases on the either side of the painting;

Patterned objects are often hard to match with any colours. Especially when the pattern has more than three shades. And if you’re like me, you’d like your entire room to work together as one. Making sure each piece belongs to each other. Colour coordination is essential when it comes to room interiors. Because most of the time patterned objects come in different colours, choose the dominant colour out of all the patterns.

Then choose your room’s colour based on the pattern’s dominant colour.

Use the Colour Wheel

a white table with 3 bottles of acrylic paints; 3 paintbrushes of different sizes; different hues and colors of construction paper laid out on the table ranging from orange; maroon; purple; and blue and a pad of book with a color wheel illustration;

You can never go wrong with using the colour wheel. And when comes to painting home interior, analogous colours in the wheel is always an excellent choice. Analogous Colours are colours in the colour wheel that are next to each other. One good example of this is the combination of green and blue. This two colours combined give your room an all-around calming and relaxing vibes.

Professional painters in the City encourages their clients to balance the colour of the hues. Don’t use two equally bright colours, choose one that’s lighter than the other.

The Rule of 60-30-10 Ratio

a black table with white surface and accent with a black picture frame a golden pen holder and a magazine on top of the table with a black desk chair in front of the table and a black coloured shelf stuck on the walls with a white framed eyeglass, a stack of book, a small potted plant and a gold coloured picture frame on a cream-coloured walls with white trims and brown flooring

As advised by designer Mark McCauley, this ratio: 60-30-10. The 60% goes to the dominant colour that you want, which falls for the walls. This dominant colour also determines which shade should your 30% and 10% be. The 30% falls for the colour of your furniture, You want to make sure that this furniture matches the tone of your walls (60%). While the 10% falls for the room accessories. Of course, the colour of your chosen accessories should also be based from your 60% and your 30%.

Pick Colours from Your Wardrobe

white walls with 2 strings falling from the top holding a long slightly bent metal rod holding 14 brown neutral colored hangers with clothing tops on each of the hangers colors ranging from white; red orange; gray and black; and vine designed crown;

If you’re looking for colour ideas you put in your room, why don’t you open your wardrobe and get your inspiration from there? What’s the dominant colour of most of your clothes? If you’re fond of denim, pick navy blue for your walls—just make sure you paint the trimmings and the door frame white, or any other complementary white colours.

And the same goes with those whose wardrobes are dominated by light coloured clothing. To give your room depth and contrast, pair your light coloured walls with dark-coloured trims and mouldings.

Combine Warm and Cool Colours

green tiled bathroom with light green coloured walls with a brown coloured bathroom sink accented with metals with one green bottle and one pink bottle and a round mirror stuck on the tiles and beside the sink is a brown coloured shelf with metal accents; a stack of towels; maroon coloured vase with flowers inside it and frames of different sizes;

Mixing together the warm and cool colours gives your room, cozy vibes around it. One excellent example of this is the combination of cool gray and honey yellow. Both tones are warm and cool. And because gray is a neutral colour, just like white, it can be paired up with any colour, be it of a brighter hue or a darker one. In this case, yellow. The colour pops when paired with gray.

The combination gives your room a cozy vibe. These colours are polar opposites, yet both create enough tension for the viewer to keep them awake. So, if you think combining cold and warm tones can be disastrous, think again. Picture out the end result that you want. Will it make my room look good?

Use Monochrome

White coloured room with black coloured table and 4 black coloured chairs with cream coloured cusions; a black coloured teapot; black teacup; white vase with white coloured flowers; yellow coloured bowl; three black coloured ceiling lights; and three round wall shelves;

When you hear the word monochrome, you immediately picture out the combination of black, white and gray walls and ceiling. However, there’s more to it than just that. Using monochrome means you’re using a single colour of different hues and shades. You don’t have to worry about the colour mismatching because monochrome never goes wrong. It’s the same colour with different tones. Monochromatic designs branched out from modern minimalistic designs. Just make sure your balance the colour out with white, to keep the balance on your room. Match it with objects and furniture of the same colour, and you’ll be surprised with how your room looks after the painting job.

Final Thoughts

Through tweaking the colours here and there, your home’s interiors, or even your office interiors will look just as amazing as those you see from magazines. So, think of colours you’d like your house to have, plan its layouts out, then start painting. To put your vision into reality, call for professional painters from a painting company to realize your dream room. A beautiful place doesn’t need to be expensive.