How Vancouver Painting Contractors Create Stunning Bedroom Interiors

a large maroon-coloured bed with maroon bedsheets, maroon pillows with gray coloured side-tables on both sides of the bed with a cone shaped maroon lamp on top of each side tables with and a large maroon-coloured cusion stuck on the wall and a maroon-coloured chair with metal frame, a large window on the side, and large potted plant with gray coloured plant beside a gray coloured door in a gray coloured room with a text how vancouver painting contractors create stunning bedroom interiors.

The bedroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house. It is where you take a rest from all the stress of the world. However, sometimes it can also become the root of your problems. Take a good look on your bedroom. Does it look relaxing? If not, you may need to contact Vancouver painting contractors and have your bedroom interiors redecorated. So, how do you create luxurious-looking bedrooms?

Here are 5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Interiors Look Luxurious

1. Plan Your Room Out

a cup of coffee in a maroon coloured cup with a gold coloured handle and a gold coloured text that say go get 'em beside a large potted plant and a half open unruled empty journal with a gel pen on top of the journal on top of a wooden desk with a large window in front

The beautiful interiors you see in the magazines and internet all started out as a plan. For most people, plans are not thoroughly done, only touching up with what bedroom colour you want. And completely neglecting everything else. If you want your room to look good, you should do a more elaborate planning.


Even professional painters plan out each painting project they have. Which explains why as the years pass by, a professional painters’ painting quote and estimation gets closer and closer to the actual cost.


So, if you want your room to look stunning, you should plan out your bedroom’s central theme. Do you want your room to have ‘Nature’ as a theme? Do you want the theme to be the only colour? You should also consider what furnishings are you going to place in the room. How many end tables would you want? How large is your bed? Which part of the room are you going to place what furnishings?


This way, you can easily picture out how your bedroom would look.


Another thing you should consider when it comes to planning for your bedroom is what painting finish should you use. There are 3 options you can use as a painting finish, these are Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Flat.


  • Satin and Eggshell Finishes are perfect for rooms that are commonly used by kids or any rooms with high traffic. This is because rooms with satin finishes can be cleaned up quickly. Just grab a damp cloth and wipe it on out the dirt and stains from the room.


  • Semi-Gloss Finish is excellent from a room with wooden panels, mostly for rooms with wood panels that end at chair rails. Because the finish creates a gleam, it’s ideal to be paired walls, trims, and ceilings with a flat or matte finish.


  • Flat Finish or Matte Finish this is ideal for bedrooms that are exposed out in the sun as it does not have a shiny surface. And because it does not create a gleam, it is ideal for guest rooms and master bedrooms.


2. Choose the Right Furnishings

a black coloured bed with white coloured bedsheets, blanket, and pillows with a white sidetable on the left of the bed with a white coloured lamp and a potted plant on top of the side table, a white coloured chair with a black coloured ball cap on top, a potted plant with white pot, a white coloured dresser, a large window with a small potted plant by the window frame, six decorative picture frames of the same sizes lined up neatly on top of the headboard in a white coloured room with a wooden flooring with a black and white diamond patterned rug on top of the floor

Your bedroom is where you retire from a work-filled day, which is why it is essential for your bedroom to look relaxing. You may have already pictured out your entire bedroom already, what colours you’re using and which part of the bedroom you’re placing your furnishing. Now, your job is to look for your bedroom furnishing. It could potentially be a time-consuming job, but since you have planned your bedroom already, choosing the furnishings is much easier.


Choosing your bedroom furnishings is just as important as selecting your house painting. You should not only consider the design and the colour, but most of all think of the furniture’s quality. After all, at the end of the day, you’re going to use it.


3. Put in an Accent Wall

a black coloured bed with floral patterned blanket and pillows with black coloured side tables on both sides witd bedroom an alarm clock a pink coloured lava lamp, an emerald coloured cup, with a small picture frame stuck on the wall on the top of the headboard with a black and white coloured accent wall decorated with decorative wall lgihts, with a gray coloured curtain in a white coloured room with white trims and white coloured floor

First of all, what is an accent wall? Accent walls, called as feature walls by some local painting contractors, is a part of your room’s wall that’s painted differently. Most of the time, the colour used for accent walls are bold and vibrant colours. Sometimes, accent walls are not a bold colour but large wall patterns. Its goal is to catch the attention of the viewers.


It may sound too risky to put accent walls in your living room as it may not be liked by some of your guests. However, putting one in your bedroom not only fools your eyes into thinking the room is bigger, but an accent wall also acts as your room’s focal point, the first thing your eyes sees. This is why it is crucial that before you put an accent wall, make sure you choose a colour that well contrasts with the dominating wall. Make sure your choice of colours for your room can work together—not compete with each other.


4. Put Art Into Your Bedroom’s Ceiling

a white coloured bed with a cream coloured headboard with blue striped pillows and sidetables on both sides of the bed with a lampshade on both sidetables and a telephone beside the lampshade on the right side, a large painting of the sea crashing on a rock in a cream coloured room with blue coloured frames and a white printed curtain

You need not buy expensive paintings or hire the artists that made them just so you can have a ‘piece of art’ in your ceiling. Especially if the current colour of your bedroom is white, I highly recommend that you put some excitement in your room. In this case, a piece of art.


A piece of art does not need to look complicated. Play with shapes and contrasting colours and come up with your own art. Putting an art in your ceiling will make your room look luxurious.


You can opt to paint your ceiling, however, if you don’t have that much experience when it comes to painting, just leave the job on the professionals. Hiring professional interior painters in Vancouver does not really cost as much as you imagined it to be. Asking for a professional’s help is advisable because these painters are more experienced and skilled than you.


Just make sure you don’t put an accent wall if your planning on putting art in your ceiling or else, the accent wall and the art ceiling will fight for dominance, and instead of giving your bedroom a luxurious look, it will only look standard, and even confusing.


5. Put up A Beautiful Headboard

a cream coloured bed with a gradient coloured blanket from gold to black, brown-coloured pillows, a fancy cushioned headboard with black coloured side tables on both sides decorated with gold coloured dots around the frames and golden coloured lampshades on top of both side tables with a gold coloured jewelry box, a potted plant with gold coloured pot and three large windowns with thin curtains in a yellow walled room with white trims, and a white furry carpeted floor.

Nothing beats a beautiful headboard. It makes the standard bed look 10x cooler. Be it a headboard with cushion or wooden, the headboard is just the perfect accessory for your bedroom. It makes your bed look larger than it actually is.


Final Thoughts


Luxurious looking bedrooms are not that impossible to achieve. With a few touches here and there, your room will transform from standard looking room into one that’s stunning and expensive-looking. Hiring a Vancouver painting company that is experienced and skilled in painting can help you achieve your envisioned room.