Vancouver Line Painting

While a parking lot may not be the make-it-or-break-it factor of a business’s success, the fact remains that no one wants to park in a shoddily-designed or poorly-maintained lot. Braving unclear parking spot boundaries may be enough to dissuade the occasional customer from patronizing your business.


Alpha Omega’s premium paint, excellent equipment, and experienced professionals can transform your lot into an orderly system where cars can park efficiently. Whether you just need a touch-up or a full renovation of your lot, Alpha Omega can make sure you’re up to code with the best line painting Vancouver has to offer.

Alpha Omega Painting ensures you stay well within guidelines and regulations.

Prevent a future visit from your fire marshal. If your parking structure requires a fire lane striped around the perimeter or in another specific place, call Alpha Omega today. If those lines starts to fade, you risk being out of compliance with fire lane safety. Once painted, they must continually be maintained.

By Canadian law, all striped lots must meet strict guidelines to include accessible parking spaces. We’ll quickly interpret these regulations in conjunction with your zone dimensions and capacity to update the lot. We’ve got all the right stencils and signage, so your lot will pass inspection and look excellent.

Keep your Vancouver lot up to date and in pristine condition with us.

Some people may think this task is simple, but parking lot line painting that’s uniform and up to code takes a considerable measure of skill. This is a talent that our technicians have perfected, completing the task with incredible customer service throughout the process.

Drastically improve safety in your lot.

It’s not all about appearance – appropriate striping work improves safety for your patrons, vehicles, and pedestrians. Clearly marked and well-sized spaces allow cars to give each other ample room to maneuver. You can limit fender benders and other accidents by hiring us.

With our elite services, drivers will know where not to park, how traffic flows, and where pedestrians will cross. This minimizes the risk of any injury that could occur if the striping system is left unkempt.

Don’t hesitate, call us!

Schedule a painting time that works around your needs. We understand that the parking lot keeps your business running. We’ll work around your schedule to make sure the striping is done professionally without interfering with your operations.

Not sure what services you need to keep in good standing? Unclear how much a proper striping job costs? One of our friendly, knowledgeable staff can evaluate your lot and determine which line painting services are a good fit for your needs.

Let’s work together. No job too big or too small.