Vancouver Painting Contractors

Having your house or business painted can be considered as one of your biggest investments. With the amount of money you’re about to spend, you want to make sure it’s spent wisely.  The Alpha and Omega Painting, located in Vancouver, is a Painting Contractor who aims to give you excellent painting jobs at reasonable prices.

We offer you Free Quotes so you can estimate how much the whole painting job costs, how much painting materials to be used, as well as how long the project will take. Our years of experience in the field, we are proud to say that our quotes are relatively close to the actual expenses.

It is our utmost goal is to give you quality and excellent painting jobs at an affordable price. The Alpha and Omega Painting is a Family Owned Business that has been in the painting industry since 2003. With our 15 Years of experience, it has become one of the largest painting company that is based in Coquitlam. These years of experience have given us broad knowledge with which painting materials work best for your home and building.

Our Services Include the following:

Residential Painting Contracting (Learn More)

We have skilled residential painters that work well with the standard materials used for residential houses. Making sure you get your desired painting designs and preferences for your home.

Commercial Painting Contracting

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Our commercial painters have years of experience in working with commercial buildings and have worked with different painting materials used for these building such as metals, stuccos and concrete. We also have complete painting gears and equipment for fast and efficient painting.

Strata Painting / Multi-Level Apartment Blocks Painting Contracting

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Our painters have years of experience in painting Strata Buildings, and we deeply understand the difficulties that come with it. It may cause some disruptions to tenants and owners—and it is costly. We will give you a smooth and seamless finish for your painting project.

Industrial Painting Contracting

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Our painters are experienced with Industrial Painting to give your facility a fresh new look. Rest assured that your facilities and your workers will be safe in the duration of your project. We take each of your painting projects as if it’s our own. We ensure a smooth finish for your painting projects.

outside of a commercial building under the blue sky

You are our Top Priority. This is why we strive hard to give you the unique painting preferences that you want at an affordable cost. The Alpha and Omega Painting guarantees that your painting project is finished on time, with the price on the range of your budget.

Seeing your happy and satisfied smiles make us happy. Which is why we pay very close attention to details with regards to our painting jobs. We want to make sure we do the job as you wanted because we treasure your investment. The money you have worked hard for.

We have a total of 5 Million Dollars  for Liability Coverage. This is to ensure that your home, as well as our workers, are secured.

For your painting needs in Vancouver, the Alpha and Omega Painting Contractor is here for you. Combining quality painting, with the exceptional knowledge in the field. Making sure you’re getting best quality painting at a reasonable price.


Let’s work together. No job too big or too small.