Vapour Abrasive Blasting Vancouver

Alpha & Omega Painting provides quality vapour abrasive blasting in the Vancouver & surrounding areas. Vapour abrasive blasting restores and deep cleans property and equipment in a non abrasive way technique. It is a popular method to prep bridges, large painting and coating contractors, waste treatment plants, non ferrous metals and more. 

How does Vapour Abrasive Blasting Work?

Water and media mix is prepared as a slurry mix and pressured using specialized pressure equipment then spayed through a nozzle ranging from 35 – 125 psi. The pressure is adjusted accordingly, depending on the requirements of the surface being prepped. This pressurized system removes 95% of the dust used in conventional cleaning methods. 

Benefits of Vapour Abrasive Blasting

Vancouver-Abrasive Vapour Blasting
  • Reduced media consumption
  • Ultra-low dispersal properties
  • Reduced run off
  • Eliminates 90% of airborne particles
  • Less waste material to dispose
  • Effective in rain, high humidity
  • Remove coating without damaging sub surface
  • Eco Friendly
  • Cost Effective

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